What is the MOAA?

The Math Open At Andover is an annual mathematics competition for middle schoolers, hosted by Phillips Academy Andover in Andover, Massachusetts. This year, the MOAA will be contain two divisions were teams can compete either virtually or in-person, with the virtual competition taking place on discord and zoom, and the in-person competition taking place on campus. The competition will be held on October 7th. Through MOAA, middle school students can experience mathematical exploration, collaboration, and competition. We hope to promote the involvement of middle school students in the mathematical community with a fulfilling, intellectually stimulating, and fun experience for everybody.

Who can attend?

Students can attend if they are in 8th grade or below. Teams consist of 1 to 4 students with no restrictions (as everything will be virtual, team members can be from different schools, different states, or even different countries).

Our MOAA Sponsors

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Jane Street
Areteem Institute
Daily Challenge
Wolfram Alpha
AlphaStar Academy
American Mathematical Society
Russian School of Math

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