Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the MOAA contest, registration, logistics, etc. If your question has not been answered here, feel free to contact


Can elementary school students sign up?

Yes! We invite anyone entering 8th grade or under to participate.

How hard is the MOAA?

Our high-quality problem sets are designed with a wide difficulty range to be both approachable for beginners and fascinating for experienced competitors. Feel feel to check out our archives for past problems.

How will the MOAA take place?

For this year's MOAA, we will be hosting the contest both in person and virtually. For our virtual platform, our tentative plan is to use Discord for announcements and community interaction, Zoom for ceremonies and speakers, and a livestream for the Gunga Bowl leaderboard. Contest problem access and submission will be through the portal on this website. For our in-person platform, the competition will be held on campus at Phillips Academy Andover on Saturday, October 7th.

Can I compete alone?

Yes! We welcome any team of size 1-4 with no restrictions on geographic region, but we do recommend that you try to find team members. (See the next question.)

How can competitors meet each other and find teams?

Our Discord server is open everyone including those who aren't registered for the competition. The server will have text and voice channels for competitors to discuss math and non-math topics, as well as find team members. In addition, we will be making announcements through the server.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, this year we are going to be providing a variety of different prizes. Not only will top-performing individuals and teams be recognized and awarded for their achievements, but every competitor will also receive a prize for their participation.

How can I learn more about the conversation?

Check out our contest page - it contains all the information about the competition format. Check out our 2021 brochure to learn about MOAA 2022. Feel free to also join our discord server, where we will be regularly posting updates and additional information.

How can I practice?

Check out our archives page - it contains past problems and sample question sets!

Note that the rounds this year will be of a different format than previous years', but the difficulty range will be similar.


When does registration close?

Date Pending.


Are you looking for sponsors?

Yes! We are committed to providing a meaningful competition experience for both competitors and sponsors.

What will the sponsor experience be like?

We will acknowledge all sponsors at our opening and closing ceremonies, our social media, and all marketing materials. Additionally, Silver and Gold level sponsors will be able to directly address competitors during our 2pm speakers session. Gold sponsors will also receive competitor contact and demographic information, and have the opportunity to have prizes named after them. Please contact for more details; we are open to discussing with you what accommodations would best suit your needs!